Mi Tierra Taqueria InteriorWelcome to Mi Tierra

Thank you for stopping by. Mi Tierra is a family run, locally owned restaurant specializing in authentic Mexican food. We put our heart and soul into making delicious dishes that will keep you coming back.

Each week we offer new specials and on weekends we always have Pozole (a rich stew of pork, hominy and red chilies), Menudo, and Caldo 7 Mares (Soup of the 7 seas).

Be sure to ask what’s being made special on any day you happen to come in, because you will not want to miss it. With fresh ingredients, old family recipes and a lot of heart, you are sure to experience something unique and worthwhile.

Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t fancy cuisine and you don’t have to dress up. It’s just down home Mexican cooking and it’s exactly what you would find in a neighborhood restaurant in Mexico. Our prices are very affordable because we want to be the place where anyone can enjoy a nice meal.

Be sure to visit our family owned shop next door. The carniceria is more than just a butcher shop. We offer freshly prepared carnitas, chicharrones, mojarras fritas, breaded fish fillets, or ceviche de camaron by the pound – everything is cooked and ready to eat. You can also purchase beautifully spiced and marinated (Mexican style) meats to take home and cook fresh on your own grill! Don’t forget to grab some fresh-made pico de gallo (made with with tomatoes, cilantro, onions, & serrano chiles), salsa verde (green chile), red salsa, or avocado salsa.